Welcome to the Cross-Climate Constituencies Momentum Hub!


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption to lives, livelihoods, physical and mental well-being. The immediate priority of our movements have justifiably shifted towards addressing this current crisis and to bring as much relief to our people. However, the climate crisis has not paused and now more than ever, given the lessons from the COVID crisis, we should be continuing our fight for climate action.

At COP25, like-minded climate constituencies came together to speak in unity and demand climate justice. As we work through the current intersecting crises, we aim to build across movements, to ensure momentum for climate action and ambition, and to build a collective vision for a truly inclusive and transformative multilateral process to deliver climate justice!


How could climate justice and equity be materialised in the UNFCCC to lay the foundation for a just post-COVID future?

Join us for a 3 day Town Hall series co-convened by allied constituency groups of the UNFCCC: Environmental NGOs (ENGOs), Climate Justice Network (CJN), Indigenous Peoples, Trade Union Organizations (TUNGOs), Women and Gender Constituency (WGC), Youth Organizations (YOUNGOs) – to build momentum for climate action and justice.